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AKUA nature is an Aboriginal company that offers quality active ingredients, combining with both respect and balance the traditional knowledge of the First Nations and Quebec science, with a concern for sustainable development. 

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Our business services

Specialized in extraction, packaging and processing of boreal biomass (berries, medicinal plants, mushrooms, bark, needles, etc.), our team of experienced scientists can manufacture the ingredients you need or support you in order to bring your products to life. From the raw material to the finished product, the state-of-the-art equipment of our specialized laboratory, also available on a fee basis, allows us to carry out rigorous controls that guarantee our ingredients a commercial quality that meets your expectations.

  • Various active extracts
  • Vegetable powders
  • Bulk ingredients
branche de sapin

Our specialized laboratory

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All our equipment is located in one place to facilitate the transformation process. Our laboratory allows us to process and condition several tons of forest and plant biomass per day/week. Our equipment is available for grinding, filtration, drying, sterilization, fermentation and packaging.

  • Processor

    Double-wall, vacuum-type grinder-type processor (250 L capacity)

  • Drying

    Vacuum Cold Drying Unit (198 sq. Ft.)

  • Filtration

    Ceramic membrane ultrafiltration system with filtering surface (12 m2)

  • Self-cleaning centrifuge

    Self-cleaning centrifuge

  • Water treatment

    Laboratory water treatment system

  • Fermenter

    Fermenter (200 L)

Together, to go further

AKUA collaborates with Silicycle, a company specializing in the conception, development, manufacture and marketing of fine chemicals for chromatography, purification, analysis and organic chemistry. By combining the strengths of our respective teams, we are able to provide commercial grade ingredients and specialized services for the extraction, packaging and processing of boreal biomass (berries, medicinal plants, mushrooms, bark, needles, etc.).

Integrate nature into your products

AKUA nature uses forest biomass and medicinal plants of indigenous origin to produce high quality active extracts, specific ingredients, and natural health products (NHPs). AKUA offers a wide range of plants, whole or finely ground, plant powders in bulk or in tablets, and forest or plant extracts. AKUA wishes to particularly highlight the active ingredients specific to the indigenous pharmacopoeia, but can equally supply extracts at the request of its customers.


    Ingredients with varied properties for added value


    Medicinal plants recognized for their curative and preventive properties

  • FOOD

    Ingredients rich in benefits

Holistic approach and concern for sustainable development

  • Vision

    Leader in the development of high value-added products made from boreal biomass, indigenous medicinal plants or berries, respecting the culture and ancestral values of the First Nations.

  • Procurement

    Concerned about our environment and future generations, we harvest what nature offers us on the territory of Nitassinan, our ancestral lands, in a sustainable manner and with respect for the communities around us.

  • Social responsibility

    Jobs in our community, assistance funds for indigenous women entrepreneurs, selection of local suppliers, eco-responsible packaging; Akua integrates social responsibility practices.

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Supporting Akua nature is…

  • Supporting an Indigenous business that creates quality jobs in its community

  • Opting for 100% natural products

  • Supporting responsible harvesting in the Nitassinan territory

  • Choosing eco-responsible, ethical or reusable packaging

  • Valuing and sharing Indigenous culture

  • Taking care of our Mother Earth!