Dune pepper (Green alder pepper)

Spice up your best dishes with dune pepper! Well known to First Nations, this wild spice is harvested from the catkins of the green alder (or late alder), a deciduous shrub of the boreal forest. It gives off complex aromas of black pepper, resin and rose, for both lemony and woody flavours at once.

Boreal spices such as dune pepper have interesting characteristics in addition to offering an original alternative to traditional herbs and spices.

Akua Nature dune pepper is sustainably hand picked in the Nitassinan territory and carefully packaged using eco-responsible materials.


Green alder has long been used to reduce fever, stop bleeding, and reduce stomach gas. Like many resinous plants and trees, it has astringent and tonic properties, which promotes a feeling of well-being and vigour. In addition, its essence has been extracted as a decoction to give to children with poor appetites. On the other hand, it is considered to be abortifacient, so it should be avoided in the first months of pregnancy to avoid complications. Alder catkins can be harvested during all winter months, but it is recommended that they be picked in late fall to ensure they are at their peak flavour.


Alnus viridis – Atushpi


Use to spice up game meats, marinades, BBQ grills and stews. Grind before use, ideally with a mortar so that its resin does not damage the mechanism of your grinder.

Our suggestions: For an original pairing, use it in your desserts! Dune pepper goes well with strawberries, chocolate, citrus fruits, cream desserts and pastries.