Akua nature, an indigenous business

Sharing our traditional knowledge

Founded by two indigenous women from the Ilnu community of Mashteuiatsh, Lac-Saint-Jean, Quebec, AKUA nature values forest biomass and medicinal plants used by the First Nations. Our quality active ingredients respectfully blend and balance traditional knowledge with science. Our goal is also to promote Aboriginal culture by sharing legends, stories, art, and specific knowledge to showcase our ancestral traditions from a different perspective.

Supply on the Nitassinan

Concerned about our environment and future generations, we harvest what nature offers us as we learned from our ancestors, by hand and in a sustainable way, with respect for the communities around us. Nitassinan, whose name means “Our land”, is the ancestral territory of our Ilnu people, whom we have inhabited for 8,000 years. We are 12 First Nations communities that occupy this boreal vastness, where we live, hunt, gather, and teach our children the importance of transmitting and sharing our culture.

branche de sapin

Sustainable development

AKUA nature wants to be a socially responsible company, respecting the principles of sustainable development in its activities and in the pursuit of its mission: respect for the environment, responsible harvest for resource sustainability, creation of quality jobs in the community, local investment, choice of ethical, sustainable or certified materials, adoption of sustainable development policies, and assistance funds to support indigenous women entrepreneurs. We are also developing partnerships with indigenous communities or targeted businesses in order to serve as a socio-economic lever in certain projects.

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