Akua, a family story

Coming from a family of entrepreneurs in the community of Mashteuiatsh in Lac-St-Jean, Mélanie and Suzie Paul are two women who grew up around family businesses created by their fathers and uncle. Groupe ADL, founded by Alain, Donald, and Luc is a Holding which has created and administered nearly twenty companies and created hundreds of jobs over the past 35 years. A considerable socioeconomic lever that has contributed to the creation of dozens of business partnerships that still benefit the community and region today. Guided by the ancestral values ​​of both their grandfather through whom they discovered the forest, and grandmother for whom taking care of others was her priority, they decided to follow in their fathers’ footsteps and create their own business in order to continue the transmission of their life skills, their know-how, and their traditional knowledge. These kind-hearted women promote sharing, respect, and mutual aid through the union of complementary forces. For them, giving back to women, young people, and the community is essential and part of their roots.

In order to bear witness to their mission, which is to develop and grow their community, they have decided to partner with the SiliCycle Group, a company with heart that wishes to contribute to this co-creation and reconciliation between our peoples.

Our team

  • Mélanie Paul


  • Suzie Paul

    Administrative director

  • Ludivine Chaurand

    R&D researcher, quality control manager and product specialist

  • Alexis Gourmaud

    Operations director and quality assurance manager

  • Hugo St-Laurent

    Chemical engineer, ASC

  • Alain Thibodeau


  • Pierre Plante

    Chemical engineer

  • Dino Halikas

    ND. A.


Together, to go further

AKUA collaborates with Silicycle, a company specializing in the design, development, manufacture, and marketing of fine chemicals for chromatography, purification, analysis, and organic chemistry. By combining the strengths of our respective teams, we are able to offer commercial quality ingredients and specialized services for the extraction, packaging, and processing of boreal biomass (berries, medicinal plants, mushrooms, bark, needles, and more).

Our values

Akua, which means to take care, with attention in the Ilnu language, is filled with meaning and values for us and our employees. Our company, concerned about your well-being and that of Mother Earth, combines science and our ancestral knowledge to offer products that will allow you to take care of your body, your mind, and nature. Our mission is also to transmit and share our traditional knowledge to ensure the sustainability of our culture.

We wish to become a world leader in the development of partnerships between natives and non-natives, with the aim of co-creating natural health products based on First Nations knowledge.

Holistic approach and concern for sustainable development


    Leader in the development of high value-added products made from boreal biomass, indigenous medicinal plants or berries, respecting the culture and ancestral values of the First Nations.


    Concerned about our environment and future generations, we harvest what nature offers us on the territory of Nitassinan, our ancestral lands, in a sustainable manner and with respect for the communities around us.


    Jobs in our community, assistance funds for indigenous women entrepreneurs, selection of local suppliers, eco-responsible packaging; Akua integrates social responsibility practices.

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Supporting Akua nature is…

  • Supporting an Indigenous business that creates quality jobs in its community

  • Opting for 100% natural products

  • Supporting responsible harvesting in the Nitassinan territory

  • Choosing eco-responsible, ethical or reusable packaging

  • Valuing and sharing Indigenous culture

  • Taking care of our Mother Earth!